Welcome to Vintage Gardens! Remember the sound of the screen door creaking, the warmth on your face of a sunny fall day, the afternoon breeze brustling through the leaves, or the sound of the birds chittering away, all while sitting on your front porch swing sipping sweet tea or lemonade? That’s the feel of Vintage Gardens!

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Cash Counters

Click here for some pictures of all sorts of different Shabby Chic cash counters we’ve made for retail stores across the US. All of these are custom made to your measurements. The designs include architectural and ornate attributes. We would be happy to draw up a free design that meets your needs. Send me an email on the form in this page and I will get back to you immediately.

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Display Cases

Look at our wonderful shabby chic retail display cases, organize your highlighted items in our cute arrangements sure to draw your customer’s attention! All of our fixtures are custom made to order and designed in-house. Just give us your measurements and we’ll draw it up for you to see. These are examples of fixtures that we have designed and hand built for previous customers.

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Miscellaneous Displays

From nesting tables to pedestal sets, see-through boxes, and T-stands, we have designed a number of different items (more in this link!) to add variety to the ways some of your favorite items are displayed throughout the store. Items can be freestanding, attached to the wall, and even hanging from the ceiling, use the space in your store as beautifully and efficiently as possible!

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Decorator Items

Here are some of our wholesale decorator items for your home or retail store. Like all of our other items, these are carefully hand-crafted from the finest wood and will last for years to come. Check out our catalog to see more of our vintage shabby chic products and retail fixtures. You can also…

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Contact Christy and Mike for pricing and shipping information by emailing us at vintagegardensdecor@gmail.com or even to say hi! We do not send spam. You can also call our office at 714-579-1707 but I usually respond to emails more quickly. Thank you! Christy